Attila, veterans of the metalcore genre, hit the stage at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland on Sunday, July 22. They brought the expected circus that comes with an Attila show, including rowdy fans, plenty of drinking and not giving a f*ck attitude. The opening bands included Suicide Silence, Volumes, Rings of Saturn, SPITE and Cross Your Fingers.

Recent music from Attila has been some of their best work to date. They continue to develop musically while have fun, lively lyrics. Examples include the song “Pizza” which features the lyrics of “Pizza is my life” and the song “Callout 2” having the lyrics “F*ck a stingray, R.I.P. Steve Irwin.” The sentiment of heavy music with a fun attitude is what Attila brings to every show, even down to the merchandise. They had shirts for sale with both of the lyrics from above.

The show itself was as rowdy and lively as any show you would ever attend. Throughout the night Attila would hype the crowd, and as the crowd brought more energy, Attila would become more hyped. It was a beautiful circle that led to some amazing moments. At one point in the night the band proclaimed, “We only want three things thrown on stage; bras, panties and drugs!” From then on out, they were continuously peppered with a little bit of all 3.

The encore was everything you would expect from Attila. The band returned to the stage as the crowd chanted “PIZZA! PIZZA!” Fronz, the lead singer, was throwing pizza slices into the crowd as the band began playing their single “Pizza.” Prior to the breakdown of the song the band split the crowd, like many metal bands do, but this time it was a little bit different. He had the crowd divide based on their preference of pineapple on pizza. As the band hit the breakdown, the divided crowd crashed together to battle for pizza supremacy. It was a glorious end for the non-stop show.

Currently Attila isheadlining The Rage Fest Tour, which is set to finish in San Francisco, CA on August 25, 2018. You can keep up-to-date with everything Attila at

By: Kyle Long