Halestorm rock band from Red Lion, Pennsylvania really started off August 2018 with a bang with their release Vicious on August 3rd.  Their last album release in 2012, The Strange of…included the single “Love Bites (So do I)” which won a Grammy in 2013 for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance. Lzzy Hale (front women) became the first female to earn a Grammy in the category,  per Grammy.com.

Halestorm is back with a message of pushing the limits and embracing individuality. Lzzy Hale brings out a succulent tone of female strength and beauty.  Arejay Hale (drummer) packs a heart beating pound of sound into you. It is powerful and authentic musical symphony for the rock world.  In the album fans can truly feel the joy, pain, and excitement of living life.

Vicious truly tells a story from the beginning.  The first track, “Black Vulture”, demonstrates how society waits for you to fail and kicks you when you are down.  Society searches for your weaknesses and thrives on them.  This song speaks volumes about being aware of the evils in society, but not letting them destroy you. Your life is your design, not how others view you.  Embrace your individuality and do not fall into the trap of keeping up other’s expectations of yourself. Vicious really goes to show that everyone has struggles and we are all in this together. Music is a magic which touches our souls.

“Uncomfortable”, the third song on the album is a powerful ballad of pure energy to encourage society out of their comfort zone.  Look at the lyric “every single one of your emotions makes you”. In order to know who you are you must be see all sides of yourself. Remaining in the cage of what society has deemed correct will be make you lose your sense of what is true to you.

The last track on the album is a slower rock song which brings the attention to everything in life that is ever fluctuating with the nostalgic feeling of being  young and naive. Death will come to us all yet we still remain through our legacies. It is a beautiful way to end an album because it gives peace in the silence and allows you to truly find yourself and significance.

The future looks bright for Halestorm, bringing the same powerful ballads to the magic of music. In the spring of 2018 Halestorm and In This Moment will be co-headlining a tour across America to promote this album and bring fans together.  The music will live on even after we are dead and gone.