Neck Deep is coming back to Cleveland! This time they are headlining the Agora on Saturday, September 29! Previously they had visited the Agora with All Time Low in 2015 and State Champs in 2015, but have never headlined at the Agora.

Neck Deep had a show scheduled earlier this year at the Agora but it was cancelled due venue renovations. Instead of simply skipping Cleveland on their tour, the UK pop-punk band still hosted a free “hangout” with the band at a local record store. About 700 fans showed up and a fun time was had by all!

Neck Deep puts on an amazing show! My first exposure to Neck Deep was the 2016 Warped Tour in Cuyahoga Falls. Even though the band only had a 30 minute set, they lit the crowd up and had them moving non-stop! My second experience seeing Neck Deep in concert was January 28, 2018 in Orlando. Many fans drove 5+ hours to see the band and they left with a lifetime of memories. The performance was everything you would want from a Neck Deep. The band played a set of nearly 20 songs, including all of the fan favorites and some old classics. Everyone left that night a sweaty mess but had huge smiles on their faces.

Do not miss the chance to see Neck Deep on Saturday! It is guaranteed they will throw an insane party and a show that you will talk about for years! Hope to see everyone there!

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