For a band who started out as ravening and intense as Beartooth did, they have really lived up to their full potential with Disease, released September 28, 2018. Beartooth has come a long way from their debut album Sick which was out on July 26, 2013. The song “I Have a Problem” was an example of a screamer punk band that needed attention. It sounded as though they needed to be rescued and could not stand on their own- typical for a band starting out. The screams of pain and suffering.

The album Disgusting was released on June 10, 2014. The song “The Lines” exhibited a weakness and giving up. It had a passive aggressive attitude, and tended to leave you with the feeling that the band needed someone to lean on instead of depending on themselves. However, Disease was a move in the right direction for Beartooth. 

Disease is now an established album which demonstrates the challenges of moving forward in life. Lead singer Caleb Shomo brings the metalcore and old-school punk sound. From screaming lyrics to the rawness of the guitar riffs, “Greatness or Dead” is an example of fast paced sound and the urgency of knowing you either follow your dreams or die. It is a powerful message for fans to get up and take survey of what they want in life. It has a way of being healing and not just loud music. Caleb’s lyrics provide an empowering message that problems will arise and the only option is to overcome.

Wrapping up this album up with the song “Clever” is pure genius. It brings the exceptional sound to a softer tone and rhythmic blend. Zach Huston (guitarist) blends the riffs perfectly behind Caleb Shomo’s voice. It is a slower song and is a perfect way to conclude the album.

This is a great year for Beartooth with their tour already well on its way and the release of their powerful and enjoyable album.