Silverstein’s album ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’ turned 15 years old this year and on December 12th they brought their tour celebrating the album’s birthday to Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The support bands on this tour are Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, and Capstan. Each band has their own sound but they all complement one another very well.

I arrived at Bogart’s around 5:00 PM and there were already a few people lined up outside the venue. By the time doors opened at 6:00 PM, the line had extended a decent way down the block. Upon walking in the doors, I took a direct path to the stage and secured a front row spot against the barricade. About an hour later, the show started and the first band to take the stage was Capstan. They are a post-hardcore band from Orlando, Florida. In November, they announced that they signed with Fearless Records and released their single “Stars Before The Sun”. Starting off the show the right way, they had good energy, good stage presence, and sounded great. This band is on the rise and is definitely one to watch.

The second band to take the stage was As Cities Burn. They are a post-hardcore band from Nashville, Tennessee. These guys might sound familiar because they were around from 2002 until 2009, when they broke up for the first time. They reunited in 2011 but broke up again in 2016. Thankfully, they reunited again in 2017 and decided to write new music together. In November, they announced they signed to Equal Vision Records and then released their new single “2020 AD”. These guys need to stay together because they still have it. They put on a great performance and the crowd was just as into them as they were years ago. Let’s hope these guys are back for good.

Next to take the stage was Hawthorne Heights. They are an emo, post-hardcore band from Dayton, Ohio. This show was what they considered to be their hometown show of the tour and they were welcomed with open arms. JT Woodruff, the lead singer of the band, had a great message for the crowd. While introducing the song “Just Another Ghost”, he told everyone to forget the negativity going on in the world, forget the negativity going on in their mind, and just have fun – even if it’s just for tonight. By playing “Bring You Back” and asking the crowd to turn on the flashlights on their phones, the band gave a touching tribute to Casey Calvert, their friend, and band member who passed away in 2007, as well as other friends who have passed away over the years. From the start of their set to the end, you can feel the love these guys have for the music they play and their fans that they treat more like friends. They sounded absolutely amazing and gave an impressive performance.

Then, finally, it was time for Silverstein. The excitement had built up all night and they did not disappoint. They played every song off of their album ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’ and more. It was like going back in time. They reminisced about how Silverstein was just a side project, a way to have fun, and they never thought they would ever record any music. Fast forward and they are celebrating the 15 Year Anniversary of the album with a tour that has sold out many venues. Often described as emo, punk, and post-hardcore, they are one of few bands with such longevity and constant growth. They ended the show with an acoustic performance of “My Heroine” that was unforgettable. For the ending of the song, they stepped to the edge of the stage, stopped playing the music, and just sang the lyrics along with the crowd. They put on a spectacular show and they have only gotten better over the years. If this tour comes anywhere near you on the remainder of its dates, you absolutely need to go. You will not want to miss this one.

Tour Dates:

Hawthorne Heights – latest single “Crimson Sand”:

As Cities Burn – “2020 AD”:

Capstan – “Stars Before The Sun”: