Above A Whisper is a brand new band from Dayton, Ohio. These guys may have just formed during the summer of 2018, but they are hitting the ground running. They have been teasing about music coming in 2019 from the start. After only a few months, they released their debut single “Never Let Go” on September 26th. This band is not playing around. They are ready to prove that they belong in the local Dayton music scene and beyond.

The band’s debut single “Never Let Go” hits hard and heavy. The opening guitar sets the mood for the song during the first few seconds, and then the rest of band comes in to really show off what these guys are all about. There are multiple breakdowns throughout the song that would get almost any crowd moving. The unclean vocals are heavy and have a lot of depth. The clean vocals brighten up the song and are full of emotion. I really enjoy the mix between the unclean and clean vocals. It shows versatility, but it also shows the level of thought that went into the song and the type of emotion each line was meant to evoke.

This single definitely packs a punch with not only the music but with the lyrics too. It speaks about the challenges of life, overcoming those challenges without letting go of who you are, and never letting go of hope. With lyrics like “Remember who you are, and don’t lose sight of the heart inside” and “I’m looking back at everything behind me, I’ve been falling down for far too long”, this single makes a strong statement. No matter what is going on in life, know who you are inside, and never let go of hope.

Above A Whisper’s debut single “Never Let Go” makes an amazing first impression. They may only have one single out so far, but something tells me this is a band that is going far. These guys have a lot of potential, and I look forward to hearing what will be coming next. I suggest being on the lookout because this is only the beginning for them.