Highwind is a brand new New Jersey-based alternative rock band that has a pop-punk flare. With their debut single “Afterlife (How’ve You Been?)” and the music video that goes with it, they are definitely making a strong statement. The song is emotional, sentimental, and remarkably honest. Highwind’s debut EP, ‘How’ve You Been?’, will be released January 11th, 2019. Just from hearing the first single off of it, this debut seems like it is going to be an amazing one.


Q: On the band’s Facebook page, you say you guys play “alternative music with a message”. What is the overall message of the band?

A: The overall message that I want to put out there with Highwind is that it’s okay to be open and honest with yourself and others. We’re all humans, we all feel emotions, we all struggle. It’s completely okay to talk about what you feel and what you go through, and I hope that the music that I write can help others understand that.

Q: You guys released a music video for the song “Afterlife (How’ve You Been)” back in December. The lyrics seem to deal with the heavy topic of losing someone. Do you hope this song helps others that are dealing with loss?

A: Absolutely. Dealing with the Loss of a loved one leaves an unmistakable scar on you emotionally. Writing this song definitely helped with letting out what I was feeling when I was going through the situation. I hope that those going through a similar situation can find a sense of release and comfort from listening to Afterlife, and hope they know that they aren’t alone while handling their loss. There’s always someone you can go to when handling the loss of a loved one.

Q: Your debut EP ‘How’ve You Been’ will be released on January 11th, 2019. What would you like everyone to know about it?

A: The writing on this record is the most honest I have ever been with my songwriting, every song is about something I have felt or a situation I have been through. This is easily the most effort I have ever put into a release. I’m very proud of the work that my producer, CJ Rarela, and I put into this EP and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Because I didn’t want to focus on one particular sound, other than staying in the alternative rock spectrum, I like to think that there is a song for everyone.

Q: Where will the ‘How’ve You Been’ EP be available? Where can we purchase a physical copy?

A: The EP will be available on all online streaming platforms and places you can buy music online, such as Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and so on. As far as physical copies go, I’ll have a merch website up soon where you’ll be able to purchase a physical copy of the record.

Q: I saw you guys have an EP release show coming up on January 11th at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ. What can you tell us about the show?

A: I’m so excited to play that show. The lineup is full of good friends of mine around the New Jersey scene. The fact that I get to play alongside Cardinals is so bittersweet. I’m sad that this is their farewell show, but I couldn’t have asked for a better band to play alongside for my EP release show. I have some really cool surprises in store for the show, no one is going to want to miss this!

Q: Does Highwind have any other shows coming up that you can tell us about? Any touring plans in 2019?

A: Our next show after our EP release is on February 9th at Crossroads in Garwood, New Jersey. We’re playing alongside Landon Tewers of The Plot in You, and Ghost Atlas, which features one of the members of Erra. The lineup has a little bit of everything, so I’m really excited to play. I also have another show in the works for the end of February. As far as touring goes, I would like to make a few weekend runs happen this year but nothing is set in stone yet.

Q: While we are on the topic of shows, what bands would you guys include on a dream tour?

A: My dream tour would probably be As It Is and The Dangerous Summer co-headlining, with Selfish Things as support. That’s the kind of tour I dream of playing. I would also love it if Anberlin did a reunion tour one day.

Q: So I know releasing a debut EP this year must be exciting, but what was your favorite Highwind memory of 2018?

A: The whole process of recording, “How’ve You Been?” was amazing. It felt really good to take my time, perfect these songs, and work in the way that CJ and I did. It was so freeing, challenging, and some of the most fun I have ever had playing music. I would say those memories are my favorites of 2018.