Credit: Hope Turner

Hope Vista is the diet Dr. Pepper drinking, Backstreet Boys loving, vintage-gaming lead vocalist of alternative rock band VISTA. Initially a solo artist, her final EP “PREVAIL,” produced by ZK Productions (Mayday Parade, Set It Off, Cartel), was released in November 2015. Immediately following the release, she founded VISTA, releasing their debut EP shortly after, and garnering praise from publications such as Rock Sound and Alternative Press. Since 2017, VISTA has completed 3 national tours, earned 250,000+ Spotify streams, and opened for Set It Off, Against The Current, and more. Known for her electrifying stage presence, unconventional style, and colorful lyricism, she will be releasing her first solo music since 2015, the single “SKIN & BONES,” on December 28th, as well as her autobiographical novel “PREVAIL: Finding Normal,” on January 8th.

Q: You just released your new single “SKIN & BONES” a few days ago. What was your inspiration for the song?

A: Feeling defeated. I just wanted to write something simple that expressed that raw emotion I was feeling.

Q: Where is “SKIN & BONES” currently available?

A: On all digital platforms.

Q: Do you have any plans of releasing more new music in 2019?

A: Not as Hope Vista, no! My focus is VISTA; we’re just writing a ton right now.

Q: Do you have any shows coming up or any plans of touring this year?

A: VISTA does! You can check out our website for dates on our Bandsintown account! We also post about them a lot on Twitter (@ThisIsVISTA). We’ll be playing a bunch of shows in the US Southeast and Northeast this February.

Q: I read on Facebook that you are releasing an autobiographical novel called ‘PREVAIL: Finding Normal’ on January 8th. What can you tell us about it and your reason for writing it?

A: Yes! It originally started as a cathartic thing, I wasn’t really writing it for anything other than myself. As I got about 100 or so pages in, I was discovering quite a few things about myself that I hadn’t realized before, so I continued to write and over time thought it might be cool to release it. It wasn’t the plan, though. It was something I needed mentally, so I could reflect.

Q: Where will ‘PREVAIL: Finding Normal’ be available?

A: Exclusively and digitally on Amazon!

Q: Since I already mentioned Facebook, I also read that you love Backstreet Boys. So I have to ask, what is your favorite song by them or, at least, your favorite album of theirs?

A: UGH it’s so hard. I have a feeling their upcoming album is going to be their strongest yet. As a whole, my favorite album is Never Gone, but Black & Blue contains my favorite songs, so it’s also a mix of the two. Their last album In A World Like This was solid, too. My all time favorite song in the history of all songs is Shape of My Heart. I love Poster Girl, The Answer To Our Life, one of their newer songs Chances has quickly become a fav, Crawling Back To You. I could go on for hours about them.

Q: Okay, one last question. What was your favorite memory of 2018?

A: Definitely playing some shows with Set It Off, we supported three of their tour dates in September. It really opened us up to a bigger platform, and besides that, they were just super kind to us. The experience as a whole was a great way to tie up the year.


Credit: Hope Vista


Credit: Hope Vista