974 miles and 2-hour plane ride later I arrived in Orlando, Florida.

I traveled to Orlando for multiple reasons but the main one was to attend The Amity Affliction on January 12th, 2019. I have been to Orlando a TON of times and I’ve always wanted to attend a concert at House Of Blues in Disney Springs. So, when this date was announced I hopped on it! Belmont/Silent Planet were the openers and Senses Fail/The Amity Affliction were co-headlining. While I’ve only heard of a little from Silent Planet and Belmont – both bands put on an amazing show. I’ve seen Senses Fail twice and they’re such a cool band to see. Senses Fail started with a crowd favorite “Can’t Be Saved” and ended with “Bite to Break Skin”. The Amity Affliction started their set with “Drag the Lake” followed by “Ivy (Doomsday)”.

I will say – this is one of my favorite concert memories to date. The crowd was so energetic during every set and overall it was a great atmosphere. I’ve seen TAA a total of 12 times now and 2 of those 12 shows were in a different state – which is kind of cool. A lot of people ask how I never get tired of seeing the same bands so many times and the answer is simple. Even though I’m seeing the same band – it’s always a different show. It’s a different setlist, different crowd, different atmosphere and that never gets old.

If there is a date near you or you feel like traveling – I cannot recommend a better show!