From playing basement shows to developing their sound in the local music scene of Asbury Park, the New Jersey-based pop-punk band Idle Wave have come a long way, but they are just getting started. They released their self-titled debut EP in December of 2018, and it makes a great first impression. Think nostalgic pop-punk with lyrics that go straight to the heart. This up-and-coming band has a lot of potential, and this is only the beginning for them.


Q: Idle Wave just released a self-titled debut EP in December of 2018. What would you guys like to tell everyone about it?

A: To date, this EP is our most carefully crafted display of music to date. Despite its length, these songs have been workshopped for almost 2 years to ensure complete perfection before reaching the listener. We demoed out each track with friends we are super grateful to have in our lives and we had a few songs that didn’t make the cut because we were going for quality over quantity.

Q: During the process of writing the EP, what was your inspiration?

A: This is the first set of songs we’ve released upon all of us graduating from college. Entering the job market, building businesses, and striving to find what makes you happy and motivated at the end of the day. Relationships between people you aren’t close with anymore and people you are even closer with after certain situations. Postgrad, but not dead yet.

Q: Back in November, your single “You Caught Me” was released. What is the story behind the song?

A: You Caught Me was fueled by this social media call-out culture that has been negatively impacting and changing the world around us. False accusations are resulting in massive bullying on certain people and have flooded interactions with negativity and brought out the worst in people. Personally, I’m not about it. There were instances I got called out on certain things as a kid and suffered consequences even when I knew I did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, these events still take place in life and the song is to let people know that we all go through it and it’s unfair so at least we can bond over it and understand we’re never alone. Hopefully, we can instill some humanity back into our ecosystem.

Q: Was it exciting to have Substream Magazine exclusively premiere “You Caught Me” and the video for the single?

A: Yea it was cool on our end but what really took my breath away was seeing all of our friends and people I’ve never talked to before sharing the song on social media. Reposting pictures of people listening to the song on Spotify was crazy and it’s awesome to see other artists doing the same on their accounts. There are still Snapchats I get of people singing along or making memes with the songs and that’s why I make art.

Q: Did you guys have fun filming the video for “You Caught Me” in the back of a police car?

A: Being in a police car is not fun kids. Wash your hands.

Q: What is your favorite song off of your self-titled EP and why?

A: Woah this is tough. I think Heaven Knows is currently the song we’re most proud of and get the best reaction when we play it live. Every time I listen back to it I still get chills and we worked on that song for while before finally cutting it in the studio. It encompasses so much of our general message as a band and brings me personally back to memories great and tragic that inspired the song.

Q: Does the band have any upcoming shows planned?

A: Yes we do! We have one show on February 15in New York and we are playing our hometown Asbury Park on March 8 with a very special guest. Be sure to follow us on social when we announce these shows full details.

Q: Speaking of shows, what bands do you guys dream of sharing the stage with on tour?

A: There are so many bands. The Story So Far has always seemed to have a cool dynamic off stage. Remo Drive, Prince Daddy, and the Hyena, and Just Friends are some of the nicest people I’ve personally ever met and they also put out insane music.