Formed at the start of 2018, the North West England-based alternative metal band Soul Desire is comprised of Becky Jade (Vocals), Rob Leach (Guitar), and Chris Smith (Bass). As former members of the band One Last Run, they were already familiar with each other as people and as musicians. The three of them are unified in their purpose to deliver strong, catchy music that carries their core values at heart. Their debut EP ‘Ignite’, which was released in July of 2018, proves that magnificently.

Listen to the ‘Ignite’ EP here:

Soul Desire’s EP ‘Ignite’ starts off with the song “Rapture” which comes in with a lot of power and energy. From the very beginning, this band gets your attention and does not let it go. There is no question as to why “Rapture” was the first single the band released. Lyrically, vocally, and musically, the song is captivating. The next song “Ignite” is my favorite track on the EP. The beautiful and passionate vocals of Becky Jade are highlighted. With lyrics like “just know that you have a voice, so dig deep for the words and start making a choice”, the motivational song is something extra special. Up next is “Falling Apart”, and it brings the energy down a bit in a good way. It brings a nice balance to the EP and proves that this band is able to be dynamic with their sound. The energy is back in “Dark Light”, but it is a much darker song. With lyrics like “intoxicate to hide from all the pain, you need to break away from these chains” and “I’ve let the dark light bury me”, the lyric content is heavier. The final song of the EP is called “From The Flames”, and it is the perfect ending to a phenomenal EP. Giving an honest and open perspective on the struggles we all face in life, it reminds us that like “a phoenix from the flames, from the ash you’ll rise again”.

‘Ignite’ is truly one of the best EPs I have heard in quite some time. Every song holds its own in its own way. This EP is absolutely incredible from beginning to end. The lyrical content is relatable and sincere. The vocals are impeccable and fiery. The music is aggressive and impressive. Soul Desire is a band to watch. With this being their debut EP, I cannot wait to see what will come next.