Tango Moms is an alternative rock band based out of Columbus, Ohio. Tango Moms consists of Preston Budd on rhythm guitar and vocals, Austin Crist on drums, Jon Coon on lead guitar, and Ben Gordon on bass guitar. The guys met each other through mutual friends, and, after realizing they had similar musical interests, decided that they should try writing music together. Initially, Tango Moms had trouble with songwriting and went on a brief hiatus, but, in the fall of 2017, Preston contacted Jon with a new idea, and the two came together to write “Outta Town”. After realizing that they were onto something special, the two regrouped with Austin, and began working hard towards their mutual goal of coming up with songs that they and others could love. Ben began playing bass with the group in July of 2018.

In 2018, Tango Moms released the EP ‘Views Of’ which features four original songs, including the aforementioned “Outta Town”. After its release, the group continued to write furiously and have since recorded their debut LP ‘Temper’ which will be available nationwide February 16th, 2019.

Q: You guys are releasing your debut LP ‘Temper’ on February 16th, 2019. How excited are you?

A: Preston- we are BEYOND excited. We have been sitting on the majority of this material since the summer of 2017 and are ecstatic to finally be able to release it to the world!

Q: On the release date of ‘Temper’, there is an album release party at The Shrunken Head in Columbus, Ohio. What can you tell me about it?

A: Preston- the Shrunken Head has some of the best sound engineering in Columbus. Nick Magoteaux is the audio engineer for the Shrunken Head and every event there sounds incredible EVERY time.

Q: How did you guys decide that the other bands to play on your special night would be Something Else, Courtney From Work, and Discount Nostalgia?

A: Preston- When we were thinking of fellow bands to play with we wanted to make sure that we were playing with our best friends to make it the best night possible for our fans. We have played with Courtney From Work and Something Else so many times and can’t wait to share the stage with them again. Discount Nostalgia has not played with us before, but we have always been a huge fan of their sound! Overall, we just wanted to create the most fun, inviting, and energetic experience for our listeners.

Q: I saw on the album release party event page on Facebook that there is anticipation about the show selling out so where can fans buy tickets to make sure they are able to attend? How does it feel to know that your album release party has the potential to sell out a venue?

A: Preston- The second half of 2018 we spent playing shows almost every weekend; most of the time more than once a weekend. We had so many chances for people to come and see us perform. We stopped playing shows for a little over 3 months to make sure we could create the best release show possible. After not playing for so long we now have a lot of people that are ready to see us again. Tickets are available on Eventbrite! We will be honored if we sold out our release show.

Q: Are you nervous about the release show or just excited to get new music out to fans?

A: Preston- We aren’t necessarily nervous at all. We are just anxious but in the best way possible. We love playing shows and getting the opportunity to entertain. So, having this fantastic lineup of bands to play with and releasing a full-length album on the same day will be absolutely beautiful.

Q: What inspired the album title ‘Temper’, and what was your inspiration during the writing process?

A: Preston- The album follows the path of a relationship through love, lust, infidelity, and (eventually) murder. I guess listening to the songs progress you can hear the tone get angrier. The character that the album follows definitely has a short fuse, so naming the album Temper just seemed to fit. I hope that as our listeners progress deeper into the album they will hear that.

Q: Is there a message you hope your fans get from your debut LP?

A: Preston- Not exactly in the album itself. I always just want to push people to follow their artistic dreams wherever they take you. I never thought that we would have an entire album of material to share. It was a dream that kinda just manifested physical form pretty quickly. Fake it til’ ya make it, kids.

Q: How does ‘Temper’ differ from your EP ‘Views Of’?

A: Preston- We released ‘Views Of’ because we wanted to get SOME material out before we solidified our full length. The feeling of the album shifted shortly after Views Of, definitely. Before Views Of came out I was searching for how I wanted the album to evolve. Shortly after Views Of was released I knew where I wanted our full length to go, so I ran with it. We are happy with where Temper is now.

Q: What lyrics from the new songs speak to you the most? Why is that?

A: Good question. Temper has a lot of different types of lyrical material. If I’m feeling a little angsty I really like the lyrics from ‘This Is The End’ “This is the end. Some rules just don’t bend. Don’t waste your breath. You don’t have much left.” That song is the album closer. It’s about… uh…. Murder. It’s just a really eerie song and it’s so much fun to play. But, there are other lyrics like “sweet talk, sweet sweet talk. It don’t, it don’t mean, mean much” from ‘Sweet Talk’ that just feel so FREEING to yell.

Q: In five words, how would you describe ‘Temper’?

A: Five words? Easy.

Preston- The FBI’s watching us now

Jon – Punchy Bitchy Rock for Moms

Austin – Energetic, consistent, pragmatic, sharp, resolute

Ben – heartbreak bullfight interrupts pop song