Allison & Moon is a pop-punk band from Boston, Massachusetts. Originally a solo project of the band’s frontwoman Allison (vocals/guitar), she set out to make the project a band. She found Mike (bass) and Courtney (drums) and now they are a trio of friends having fun creating music together. They released their single “Puppy Love” last month.

Q: Your new single “Puppy Love” was released on February 14th. What was the inspiration for the song?

A: I was inspired by a bit of tension I was feeling toward the beginning of my current relationship. On my birthday, my girlfriend asked me, “Do you think dogs can fall in love?” And I instantly connected that with the idea of puppy love. It just so happened that I was also falling for her, and was hoping that she was falling for me too. So, I put all of that emotion together in connection with the idea.

Q: Was the writing process for the single different than that of your previous releases?

A: Yes, it was a bit different. For one, I did a lot more drafting than I ever have. Beyond that, it was the first song all three of us wrote together. So it was really cool to bring a solid draft to Courtney and Mike, and then have them add drums and bass to make the song come alive.

Q: In “Puppy Love”, are there any lyrics that speak to you the most? Why?

A: I’m not sure I can call out one specific line. This is probably the most direct and descriptive I’ve been when writing, so the entire song is pretty personal and reflective of my real-life experience. I just kind of feel it all at once.

Q: Sometimes I like to ask a jovial question just to make an interview more fun and not so serious. With that and the title of your single in mind, do you have a dog? If so, tell me about your furry friend. If not, what would you name a dog if you were to get one?

A: I had dogs until I moved out of my parents’ house, Lucas and Axel. They are actually the dogs featured on the cover art! They are big fluffy boys that are pretty low key and gentle. I miss them a lot, and I miss having a dog in general. Before we had Luke and Ax we had Jesse who was a perfect angel and my best friend. I’ve been trying to convince all my roommates to share a house pup…it hasn’t worked thus far…

Q: Allison & Moon originally started as a solo project. What made you (Allison) want to make the project into a band?

A: I never wanted to be a solo artist! It’s always been my dream to play and make music with friends. Music is communal for me.

Q: You recently went on your first tour as a band. How was that experience?

A: It was incredible! We received more support than we could’ve imagined, and it was wild to play in states we’ve never played, and for people we’ve never played for. New York was really cool because we had friends and family in the area who were able to see us for the first time. And New Jersey was cool because we didn’t know anyone at the gig, yet people were still rocking out. The bands we played with were amazing as well, and the venue gave us free food!

Q: Speaking of shows, what is the local music scene like in Boston, MA?

A: To be honest, our sliver of the scene is very queer. Being that I am gay and actively involved in the LGBT community, my connections came through my friends and we’ve started making space in that circle.

Q: Do you have any fun or funny stories you can share about either a show you attended or a show you played?

A: Off the top of my head, there aren’t many funny stories about how we’ve messed up or anything, though all of our shows have been really fun! The first thing that popped into my head was when we played Cianfano’s in New Jersey the stage was right in front of a huge mirror-wall so we got to watch ourselves play our show real-time. That was weird!

Q: Is there anything else coming up for Allison & Moon that you can share at this time? Plans for more new music? Any upcoming shows?

A: We are working on recording a new EP for later 2019! And we will continue playing around Boston.

Q: What do you hope listeners gain from your music whether they are fans or just happen to hear you once at a show?

A: I honestly just hope that listeners realize that they can do this too. They can do whatever they want to do. Maybe that would require them digging in a little bit more to who we are as a band… I just want people to feel connected.