After forming less than a year ago, the Los Angeles-based band Black Lyon have already created a sound that is uniquely their own. They infuse dark pop with trap beats, climatic strings, and enchanting vocal hooks. The band creates music that tends to explore the dark side of human emotions including anxiety, depression, failures, fears, and insecurities.

While clearly, this is a band that likes to blend sounds, they are also a blend of cultures. Alex Mor (vocals/guitar) is from Venezuela, Barbara Schucko (vocals/bass) is from Brazil, Ece Muniroglu (keyboard/backing vocals) is from Turkey, and Bas Janssen (drums) is from the Netherlands.

The band recently released their debut single “Down Down” on February 15th.

Listen to “Down Down” here:

“The song is a window into what it’s like to be in a relationship that’s about to go ‘down’ because both parties are so blinded by their own side they don’t care about fixing their relationship. It’s a battle of egos. We’re really proud of how the song really captures the drama of the situation.” – Alex Mor (vocals/guitar)


Photo Credit: Miguel “Gara” Álvarez