Based in New York, Brookline is a band that mixes alternative rock and pop-punk with emotional lyrics that are personal but also relatable to a lot of people. The band members are Mikey Pace (guitar), Dae Bennett (guitar), Matt Spinner (bass), Chris Fox (drums), and Tommy Carter (vocals). Formed a little over a year ago, their debut single “Sick Flowers” came out in July of 2018. The next month they played a show with RIVALS, Saving Vice, VISTA, and more. A little later in the year, they released the EP ‘Crossroads’.

Shortly after the EP release, the band faced a lineup change but they did not let it get them down. In the fall of 2018, they released their single “Two Thirds” and its music video, which filmed and edited by Robert Tabone. In February they released their single “Sinking” and announced that it and “Two Thirds” would be on their new EP ‘Fade’. Later that month, ‘Fade’ was released. It was recorded with Jake Mannix of Indigo Audio Company in Scotia, New York. The tracks on the EP tackle a variety of personal topics including the struggles of substance abuse, the hurt of past relationships, and taking back control of your life. Soon after the EP came out, the band also released the music video for “Sinking”.

The EP starts off with an intro track that feels a little ominous and sets the tone. “Goodbye” comes in with a lot of energy. There is a lot of anger and hurt in the song. With lyrics like “you used me, you pushed me away, you burned me, but I’m still okay”, this song seems like the closure to a relationship that did not end well. Up next is “Sinking” which is the most recent single. This emotional track features lyrics like “you look at me through lifeless eyes” and “like a ship at sea you’re sinking and I can’t be your lighthouse beacon”. It gives the impression that no matter how much you want to help someone, you cannot sit around and watch them destroy themselves. The next song is “Two Thirds”, and it makes perfect sense why it was the first single because it is really dynamic. I love the progression of this song and how it feels like a story of its own. The last song of the EP is “Lucid” and it is a powerful one. It seems to be about a mental battle that is trying to overcome you but you take back the control.

Listen to ‘Fade’ here:

This is an excellent EP that will have you singing along in no time. It is emotional and powerful. It tackles a variety of topics that most of us have had to deal with on some level. The music is strong and melodic. The lyrics are well-written, personal, and heartfelt. The vocals are dynamic and emotional. With the release of ‘Fade’, Brookline is certainly only moving up. This is shaping up to be a big year for them, and you do not want to miss any of it.

The band has a show coming up on March 30th at The Low Beat in Albany, New York. They will be opening for Makari, Calling All Captains, Subtleties, and Balcony.