Gabe Kubanda is an international touring artist, the creator of the non-profit organization EduMusication, and the founder of the Epic Proportions Tour. The alternative indie-pop singer-songwriter is from Buckley, Washington. He was a featured cast member on VH1 Classic’s Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp. He has toured on and performed at Vans Warped Tour, Summerfest, SXSW, CMJ Festival, NAMM, and many more. In 2011, he founded the Epic Proportions Tour and has toured the US, Australia, and Europe. He also recently created the non-profit organization EduMusication. Despite being busy, he still finds the time to write and record new music. His catchy new single “Damn Plans” was released on February 22nd, and it was worth the three year wait.

Photo Credit: Jason Robey

Q: You recently released your new single “Damn Plans”. What is the story behind the song?

A: I wrote this song with my buddy Curtis Douglas who produced The Maine and Katastro and a bunch of amazing bands, and was thinking of how a lot of people get stuck in a rut and blame it on “what could have been” or what never happened for them, and never really get over that.  So, it’s really a song about getting past those old “damn plans”, and starting fresh, and vowing to stop making those same mistakes over and over again.  Life happens, life is crazy and messy, and never turns out how you think it will, so give yourself some grace, and just start from where you are.  🙂

Q: How crazy is it that it has been three years since you have released new music? Is there any reason in particular that you decided to come back with this single?

A: Yeah it’s been nuts, we’ve been touring so much, establishing Epic Proportions Tour, learning how to tour overseas, and also founding our EduMusication program that I haven’t had any time to get into the studio.  So it was nice to finally work on this song in between tours and to finally put it out.  🙂

Q: What lyrics from “Damn Plans” speak to you the most, and why?

A: I really love the line “Better Go Back To The Basics”, it really speaks to me and reminds me to stay humble, yet proud of what I’ve accomplished, and to keep things simple, and not overthink things.

Q: The lyric video for the single features your artwork from when you were around ten years old. What did that ten-year-old dream of doing as an adult?

A: Oh man… I wanted to be an engineer, a computer repairman, a pilot, I had all these random ideas of what I wanted to be.  I never really thought I’d be playing music for a living, that came out of a passion of mine later, when I started really learning guitar and singing when I was in college.

Q: Whether a person is a fan of yours or only hears you play once at a show, what message do you hope listeners gain from your music?

A: “Hope” for one, and also for them just to have a fun time, and let loose, and feel the music.  Music is supposed to heal and to make you feel better, and I really hope people get that from my songs.

Q: Speaking of listeners, do you have any shows coming up?

A: I do!  I’m currently on tour, playing all around the southwest region all of March and April.  Tour dates are at

Q: What inspired you to create the Epic Proportions Tour back in 2011?

A: It was borne out of a need for myself as an artist to go to where the people are.  We started asking high schools and military bases and colleges if we could perform for free for them, and it snowballed from there!  But I’ve always had a passion for educating and inspiring people, so we took it even further with our EduMusication program.

Q: You have been to a lot of places throughout the years. What is one story that really stands out to you from being out on the road?

A: This last tour, we performed a lot in England, and it was so amazing.  We got to end our tour at the Cavern Club, which was the place that the Beatles were famous for playing in their hometown, and that was a pretty insane experience.  🙂

Q: You also recently launched the non-profit organization EduMusication. Can you tell me about it and what you are looking to accomplish within it?

A: We really want to inspire young people to find a career they will love or is aligned with their passion in some way.  I feel like parents tell their kids that music is a waste of time and that there is no money in it, but that is not the case.  Try it, take a leap of faith, if you have that passion, and don’t give up!

Q: Do you have any advice for unsigned and up-and-coming artists and bands?

A: Yes.  Write as many songs as you can!  Even if they are bad!  There’s such a better percentage of one song being amazing out of 100, than out of 10 or 15 songs.  And think outside of the box.  Try something new, take risks, and learn from them.  Learn from others.  Learn how to read contracts, learn the business of music, go support your local scene, and they, in turn, will support you.