Keith Wallen released his new single “Crows” and a video for the song on March 22nd. He is an alternative solo artist while also being the guitarist and backing vocalist for the rock band Breaking Benjamin. This single is creative, dark, and powerful. The video complements it perfectly. It is minimalistic, but it is dynamic and emotional. His drive to share his creative output is embedded in his blood, bones, and soul.

You can listen to “Crows” here:

About the single and video, Keith Wallen stated:
“Crows is a song that I had for a little while. I’ve always been a fan of Westerns and I thought it would be cool to write a song that had that kind of feel to it. Crows is about the human spirit manifested through the eyes of a Crow, watching events of the world and wanting to escape, and keeping the faith that things can always get better and that love can prevail. The video for Crows was born with the concept of showing an environment of aloneness. The director (Courtney Dellafiora) and I really wanted to use natural settings to try and get a feeling of grandeur, and to give a wider perspective. We shot in two separate deserts in California, and had some crazy weather to contend with during filming including sudden snow storms. I’m super stoked with how it all came out and excited for everyone to see it!”

“Crows” is now available everywhere. I highly suggest giving it a listen.