Originally from New Jersey, Mikey is a pop artist that is based in Los Angeles, California. His journey started when he spent years writing and releasing music while opening for artists like Lauv, LeAnn Rimes, A R I Z O N A, and Jacob Whitesides. It is after those experiences that he became Mikey. Within the past two years he has crafted his sound and come into his own. Throughout 2019, Mikey will be releasing a collection of songs that are bound to relate to listeners through his catchy melodies and emotional lyrics.

His debut single “Bitter” was released on January 25th and has already acquired over 35,000 streams. After that release, fans had been looking forward to the arrival of more new music that was being teased on his social media. The wait was over on March 8th when he released his second single “T-shirt”.

Listen to “T-shirt” here: https://ffm.to/t-shirt

“It is a somber, but highly relatable song about being dragged along by somebody who only wants you around when it’s convenient. The song was inspired by a conversation about writer’s block I had with my friend Josh Radnor (Rise, How I Met Your Mother) and is one of my favorites of the project.” – Mikey

The song has genuine vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a pop vibe. With lyrics like “you treat me like an old T-shirt you can’t bring yourself to throw out” and “I’m tired of falling in and out of love with you”, Mikey is tearing pages out of the lives of many listeners. The song is gloomy, but it is also extremely relatable. Most of us know what it feels like to only be wanted when it is convenient for another person. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Mikey poured out a lot of emotion in “T-shirt”. It is honest, sincere, and passionate.

This year is off to a great start for Mikey, and we are anxiously awaiting what will come next.