The alt-pop band Crimson Apple released their new single “Somebody” on March 29th. They also released a music video for the song on the same day.

Co-written and produced with the esteemed Japanese producer, Satoru Hiraide, “Somebody” features a blend of American pop and Japanese rock-influenced sounds. The video is just as intoxicating as the powerhouse vocals in the single, and the band’s playful energy shines through every beat.

Crimson Apple consists of Colby Benson (vocals), Shelby Benson (guitar), Carthi Benson (bass), and Faith Benson (drums). The four sisters are originally from Hawaii but are based out of Los Angeles, California. Following their move, they signed with Amuse Group (Perfume, BABYMETAL, ONE OK ROCK). In 2018, they released their single “Can’t Get Out Of Bed”, which was given praise by Refinery29. Currently, they are working on a new EP to follow their debut album ‘Hello’. Given the buzz they have created over the past year, there is no doubt that Crimson Apple will claim their spot in pop music with this upcoming release.