The pop-punk band Cuecliché released their new single “One Last Chance (Acoustic)” on April 25th. The single is off of their upcoming acoustic EP. More acoustic tracks will be released sporadically, so be on the lookout.

About “One Last Chance (Acoustic)”, Terry Rytz stated:
“We’re really excited to share a new version of this song, it was the first song Jake and I ever wrote and we’ve played it at every single show and it’s exciting after playing it so much to have a new version of it.”

Cuecliché is a three-piece band that is based in London, England. Inspired by an intimate blink-182 acoustic show, the band came together through a mutual love of the pop-punk scene of the early 2000s. They have since created their own sound that is soaked in the nostalgia of Sum 41, blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, and New Found Glory. While their 2017 debut EP ‘One Last Chance’ clearly paid homage to the pop-punk powerhouses of yesteryear, they truly put their own twist on nostalgic pop-punk. The EP received widespread critical praise and over 20k streams on Spotify alone.

In the two years since forming, the band has brought their infectiously energetic live show to audiences all of the UK including regular dates across London, three mini-tours in the UK, and a festival. They released their second five-track EP ‘Look at the Pictures’ in January of 2019 and embarked on a tour in the UK to promote the release. After that, in the time between losing a drummer and finding a new one, Terry Rytz and Jake Leigh embraced the opportunity to work on some acoustic versions of two tracks from each of their EPs. They have decided to release those acoustic versions as a new acoustic EP at some point in the near future.

While we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the acoustic EP, at least we have “One Last Chance (Acoustic)” to hold us over.

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