Swedish-born and London-based artist JANOS recently released his new single “ZERO”. The track is uplifting and is about not letting negative people bring you down. Exuding dreamy vibes and featuring jangly guitars and glistening electronic synths, the song is bursting with energy.

About “ZERO”, JANOS stated:
“It’s not a vindictive song, it’s more like a ‘I do me and you do you’ type of thing. It’s about maximizing who you are and not listening to haters, fake friends and what society tells you to do.”

JANOS is a singer-songwriter that spends his time between the street and pubs of Oslo, Norway and London, England. Numerous notable radio plays, including the BBC, have led to him gaining acclaim. He has worked with Jonas Kroon (Cezinando, Anna of the North, Billie Van) and Soulbase (Admiral P, Fela). Fusing pop melodies, soulful vocals, and explosive energy, the pop-punk soul artist delivers listeners with a fresh sound. From heartfelt ballads to upbeat anthems, his message is one of strength and self-empowerment.

After years of performing with other bands, he finally took the leap to be a solo artist. With the desire to mix organic sounds with elements of R&B, pop, and rock, he was able to create an entirely unique sound. Thematically and sonically the music narrates the feeling of dancing with your heart on your sleeve while being rich with color and oozing euphoric surges.

JANOS has already experienced a lot of great things this year, but be on the lookout because it seems like there will be even more exciting things to come.

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