The pop-rock/pop-punk band Postcards From The Moon just released the music video for their single “Wish You The Best”. The single comes from the band’s new EP ‘Me Without You’, which is out now. The song begins with a sweet piano riff before launching into a pop-rock-infused ballad with heart-breaking lyrics about a failed friendship.

About “Wish You The Best”, vocalist Caleb Rangel stated:
“I wrote this song about an ex-friend of mine. It’s about me not holding grudges for the way things ended and simply wishing her the best. I only want her to be happy. The lyrics were influenced by a Snapchat story. Another friend of mine was going through something similar and was posting photos with captions that really got to me. I used a lot of her original words as lyrics in this song, after getting the ‘okay’ from her of course.”

Postcards From The Moon is based in San Antonio, Texas. The self-proclaimed “sad boys” have already had a great year. Their single “Just Make Sure You’re Happy” received rave reviews, their sophomore EP ‘Me Without You’ was released, and now their single “Wish You The Best” is making waves. One thing is for sure, we will not have to wish these guys the best because they are here to stay.

Photo Credit: Daniel Grove