The pop band RØYLS made their introduction to the world with the release of their debut single “Savages”, which is out now via Big Noise/InGrooves. The single was co-written with legendary songwriter John Feldmann (Panic! At The Disco, blink-182, Good Charlotte, 5 Seconds of Summer). It fuses elements of pop, rock, and electronica to create an infectious, high-energy breakout single.

About their music, the band stated:
“We feel passionate about the music we’re creating and the sound we’ve been developing the past months. It’s been exciting how natural and authentic the songs have been coming out and how great it’s been writing them together. We’re stoked to get them out into the world.”

The band is the brainchild of Sean Killeen (vocals/guitar), Liam Ross (bass/vocals), and Drew Dirksen (vocals/guitar). Previously performing in other successful bands such as Over Atlantic and The Tide, the three of them are not strangers to the music industry. All coming from different places (UK, Washington, and Ohio), the guys convened in Los Angeles, California in the fall of 2018 to begin writing together. When they instantly clicked, the band was born.

RØYLS is only getting started, and “Savages” is just a glimpse of what is to come.