The Dose is a rock band based in Los Angeles, California. On March 15th, they released their debut album ‘Saline’, which was produced by Keith Nelson (Buckcherry) and mixed by Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool).

The band is comprised of Indio Downey (vocals/guitar) and Ralph Alexander (drums). The duo have been touring endlessly in support, sharing international stages with Good Charlotte and playing festivals alongside the likes of Nine Inch Nails, System Of A Down, Deftones and more. They have spent three years sharpening their sound, living and working together on the road and at home in Los Angeles. Their self-titled EP emerged soon after, self-produced and tracked at both Welcome To 1979 and Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a step toward the more fully realized pronouncements of ‘Saline’.

The Dose delivers an invigorating signature sound with boots planted firmly in rock n’ roll’s past and every finger grabbing toward the future.

Photo Credit: Allie Snow

Q: How would you describe your debut album ‘Saline’ to someone that has never listened to any of your music?

RALPH: I would describe our debut record as a modern take on some retro influences.

INDIO: Some of the songs are high energy, some are ballads and there’s a few that are somewhere in the middle.

Q: How does the sound of the debut album compare and contrast to the sound of your self-titled debut EP back in 2016?

RALPH: I’d say our songwriting has grown the most. Where we were eager to show what we could play, now we’re eager to show how we can play and how we serve a song/story the best.

INDIO: I’ve grown a lot as a musician since then! I really want people to enjoy listening, which is why I spent so much time writing it.

Q: Can you describe your writing process for the album ‘Saline’? Did it differ from your writing process in the past?

RALPH: Indio and I would each come in with a song 90% done and be open to each other’s ideas or notes. Then we’d hash it out and finish it together.

THE BAND: Not really, we’ve always kind of written the same way.

Q: What song on the album speaks to you the most, and why?

RALPH: My current favorite is “Meant to Be”. We used a lot of sounds and textures that take me back to that time and I always enjoy it.

INDIO: “Escape” has a nostalgic quality that makes me want to get back in the studio!

Q: Whether someone is a fan of yours or just happens to see you once at a show, what message do you hope they gain from your music?

RALPH: I would hope a fan would see us and want to write their own songs or pursue their own creative outlet. We should all be a little creative… it’s what separates us from the animals!

INDIO: That I’m passionate about it.

Q: What was it like touring with Good Charlotte on their Generation Rx North American and European Tours?

RALPH: I had an amazing time but I really enjoyed Europe the most. Incredible cities to see and great crowds that were really supportive. GC is very lucky with their fans and we’re very lucky to have been a part of it. I’ll remember both for a long time!

INDIO: Surreal! I feel like I’ve had a spiritual awakening seeing fans show up to support us.

Q: Do you have a funny or interesting story that you can share with me about something that happened on stage or off stage during a tour or festival you played in the last year?

RALPH: I always take my left shoe off before we play so I can play the bass with my foot while I’m playing drums. It’s always right next to the kit so when we’re done I can put it back on and walk off. In Kansas City, the boys from Knuckle Puck hid it so I was bumbling around on stage in front of hundreds of kids looking for my shoe. Good times!

INDIO: At one point, my guitar tech put a camera on my guitar which was a new experience for me! It was a little embarrassing publicly filming myself but at least we got some cool footage!

Q: You have shared the stage with bands like Alice in Chains, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, and System of a Down. Is there any band or artist you dream of touring with or working with in the future?

RALPH: Foo Fighters!

INDIO: Interpol, Deftones and Royal Blood!

Q: Is there anything else on the horizon for you guys that you can share at this time, even if it is just a hint to keep us on the edge of our seats?

INDIO: Yes, we’re working on a new album!

Q: What are your goals for The Dose in 2019 and beyond?

RALPH: We’re going to keep writing, recording and playing as much as we can!

INDIO: It’s studio time!