The melodic metalcore band Upon The Water released a music video for their powerful new single “II” via Dreambound. The track features guest vocals from Garrett Russell of Silent Planet.

About “II”, Justin Joseph (vocals/guitar) stated:
“It details the journey of a young girl who is in the midst the human trafficking that is so rampant in our world today. The lyrics were inspired by the very journal entries of a dear friend of mine who is on the front lines combating human trafficking.”

Coming together in December of 2013, Upon The Water hails from Southern California. Immediately after forming, the band went to work on their debut EP “Rise”, which was released in 2014. After the successful release of a few singles in 2017 and 2018, the band went to work of their first full-length album, which will feature the new single.

Upon The Water is looking to bring a positive message to a negative world through their music. With melodic metalcore and thrash rhythms, the band offers a raw concentration of energy while tackling real issues. We will definitely be on the lookout for their debut full-length album.

Photo Credit: Michael Iwamoto