From the darkest of corners comes the theatrical metal band Summoner’s Circle. They just released their new album ‘Become None’ on May 17th via Pavement Entertainment. Blending elements of doom, death, black, and progressive metal, they have created a sound that they refer to as “epic metal”.

For the band, every song is an incantation and every live performance is a summoning. Everything they do is tied to the lore they have created. This lore tells the story of the origin of the band, stories about battles of divine conquest, and showcases their creativity and vision. It sets the stage for an entertaining live performance where bigger is better and epic is always the standard.

In late 2015, they released their first EP ‘First Summoning’, which was appropriately named. The band signed with Pavement Entertainment in November of 2018. They have shared the stage with the likes of Pentagram, Crowbar, Deicide, Goatwhore, Place of Skulls, and GWAR. The new album ‘Become None’ from Summoner’s Circle continues to spread their magic, mayhem, and metal.

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