The emo band ThreadBear released their debut album ‘Fine By Me’ in April. The album was recorded over the course of a week with producer Bob Cooper.

About ‘Fine By Me’, the band stated:
“At the beginning of 2018 we’d just finished writing 5 or 6 songs that we were happy with and talked about recording another EP following on from our second release ‘Poland Spring’. After a bit of a joke about writing a few more songs and making an album, a few emails to Bob Cooper (who made it financially possible) and a drive to actually do something more concrete than make another EP, we were booked in to record in Leeds in August. Once we knew we were making an album the song writing process made a lot more sense to us, as we knew where the gaps would be in the record and what kind of songs would fill those! Once everything was ready we recorded the majority of it over 5 days, tracking live and then throwing on overdubs for the parts that needed them. We were a bit too ambitious in our time frame and had to do a couple of extra days later in the year, but the finished product is something we’re incredibly proud of and very glad to have out. We recorded the entire thing off our own backs, with no label or financial backing, our ambition to make and release the music is the thing that pushes us, and I really hope that comes across on the album!”

Based in Newcastle in the North East of England, the band has been together since 2016. They have released two EPs before this full-length. Their influences include The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Free Throw, CSTVT, and You Blew It.

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