To Kill A Monster released their new single “Growing Up” on May 3rd. The song was recorded, mixed, produced, and filmed at Mooney Recordings. It is the title track off of their upcoming album, which they are currently working on and are hoping to release next year.

About “Growing Up”, the band stated:
“We’re a group of guys just trying prove to this world that giving up is worthless even if there seems to be no hope left. Life is too short to not give it your all. We want to create something that helps someone the way music saved us. We want to make a difference in the world and if nothing else, leave something truly special behind. Something that hopefully helps fix your bad day and lets you forget about everything that’s wrong in the world for a second. Let it help you get over that break up, or give you a chance to scream. Let it be the song that reminds you of one happy day, or that special someone. Let it remind you of your favorite cartoon, or help you celebrate the life of someone you lost. Above all else just enjoy this life and remember all the wide eyed dreams you had as a kid. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and life is supposed to be fun. Live loud, have fun, laugh more, dream big, and party the way everyone forgot how to with each passing year.”

The authentically unique band is from Columbus, Ohio. Hard-hitting and upbeat, they are predominantly pop-punk but mix in elements of other genres to create a sound that is their own. They are high energy with melodic verses and catchy choruses but are not afraid to throw in a breakdown or dance break just for fun. After losing their original lineup, “Growing Up” is the first brand new song they have released in almost five years. Their upcoming album is not yet complete, but they state that it “will be filled with plenty of the To Kill A Monster people love, and hopefully a bunch they didn’t know they needed”.

“Growing Up” definitely sends a message that many of us could benefit from hearing. With lyrics like “tell me when did everyone give up on chasing dreams no matter what?” the song hits close to home. Most of us have those dreams that we are either chasing or want to chase, and a simple reminder to never give up on them can make a world of difference. With hard-hitting drums, an upbeat pop-punk feel, and powerful vocals, this single awakens or energizes that drive and those dreams inside us all.

To Kill A Monster has a busy year ahead of them. Along with the release of “Growing Up” and working on their upcoming full-length album of the same name, they are also working on a special acoustic album that will highlight their sixteen year career with brand new songs and plenty of new versions of old fan favorites. There is plenty to look forward to from this band coming soon, and it seems like there will be plenty of things to keep us all entertained while we wait for the release of the album. If this new single is any indication of what is to come, we are in for a treat and To Kill A Monster is back to stay.