Better Anyway is “fighting off all the ghosts” with the premiere of their new music video for the song “Ghosts”. While friends covered Nick Burkhard (vocals) in egg, flour, and more things than those needed to make a cake, Ty Moore (TyMooreTV) filmed it all. The song lyrics are of a serious nature, but the video is playful and matches the bouncy sound of the song with some laughs at the end.

About the video, vocalist Nick Burkhard stated:
“We wanted to do something fun for this video. The idea was to just cover me in as much stuff as we could and get it on camera. We were so fortunate to have friends at the video shoot that were down to do this ridiculous idea. Also, huge shoutout to our friend, Ty Moore (TyMooreTV) for filming and editing the video.”

Better Anyway is an alternative punk rock band from Springfield, Ohio.  Starting in the summer of 2018, the band released singles that ultimately lead into the release of their first EP entitled ‘Reflections’.  A common theme within the band is self-acceptance and growth.  After making several appearances in the scene, the band decided to follow up with the songs “Ghosts” and “I Don’t Even Know Why” less than a year after the first EP release.  With growing support and warm receptions, Better Anyway plans to continue playing shows to as many people as possible with the intent of spreading a message that people can gain something positive from.