Norwegian stoner-punk band Bokassa released the music video for their single “Mouthbreathers Inc.”. This song is the first track taken from their upcoming album ‘Crimson Riders’, which is due out June 21st.

About the video, vocalist Jørn stated:
“The video takes part in a not so distant future where suicide cults start popping up all over the world as the comet ‘Reaper’ makes its way towards Earth and a certain impending doom. We follow both the ‘4th Wall’ cult, police, and the media’s perspective while the comet comes closer to impact.”

About the upcoming album, the band stated:
“We are very excited to release ‘Crimson Riders’. Nine songs which revolve around everything from cults, religion, and border patrols to beer-drinking anti-heroes and immortal space pirates! Sonically, the album gives the listener everything from classic stoner-punk tracks, groovy desert songs, and high speed thrash metal, to hardcore-oriented sing-a-longs. This time we also played around with both cellos and saxophone in the studio so expect a few curve-balls here and there.”

Bokassa fuses stoner-rock riffs with the energy of punk and hardcore to create their unique brand of stoner-punk. Their debut album ‘Divide & Conquer’ gained acclaim worldwide after its release in 2017. The band’s upcoming album ‘Crimson Riders’ was recorded in their hometown of Trondheim at Brygga Studio. It was co-produced by the band and Yngve Andersen (Blood Command), mixed by Simon Jackman, and mastered by the legendary Brian ‘Big Bass’ Gardener.

You can pre-order ‘Crimson Riders’ at

In early 2018, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich played Bokassa on his radio show ‘It’s Electric’ and called them his “favorite new band”. Now, they are currently on tour supporting Metallica across Europe.