The NY-based band Broken Field Runner has an eccentric sound that combines emo, indie, and slowcore to create something unique. Their new album ‘Lay My Head Down’, to be released on Jetsam-Flotsam Records on July 19th, shows how a variety of influences and a dose of creativity can inspire a work of art. Every song is full of genuine emotion and lyrics that have been precisely written and poetically arranged. The music may be overall minimalistic but the lyrics tell a story.

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The first track of ‘Lay My Head Down’ is “Put an Ocean Between My Self-Pity & Me”. This is the first single that was released from the album which makes sense because it sets the tone immediately. It is emotional, minimalistic, and poetic. The next track “Palm Trees Wave” is a bit more upbeat and poppy. This is my favorite song on the album. I love the drum beat, the rich guitar tones, and the passionate vocals. “Man Plans (Now You Have Something Too)” slows things back down to a slowcore vibe with bleak lyrics and simplicity. The vocals of “Soft Pink Hands” pull on your heartstrings in the best way possible. “Koreatown” is a bit more powerful and heavy. The musical arrangement is a bit more dynamic than the minimalistic nature of the majority of the songs.

The second half of the album starts with “Millennial Pink”. This song features an acoustic guitar and feels purely heartfelt. It is poetic and beautiful. “Heat” brings back more of a drum beat but the vocals still have a bleak tone to them. The next song “Twenty Somethings” is one that this album definitely needed. It has a very indie-rock feel to it, is more upbeat, and will get you tapping your toes. Within an instant, the fun beat is brought back down. “God Laughs (When They Expose A Human Body)” feels very dark with spoken lyrics against a simplistic guitar arrangement. The slight touches of yelling throughout and the speaking at the end add so much dynamic to this track. It is so different in such a good way. “Test Everything, Hold Onto What’s Good” is packed with powerful lyrics and is a gut-wrenching ending to a great album.

Broken Field Runner’s ‘Lay My Head Down’ is certainly a bleak album with lyrics like “Put an ocean between my self-pity and me. And I’ll drink, and I’ll drink, and I’ll drink. I’ll drink myself to death.” Being unapologetically honest, this release will pull on your heartstrings and tug on your emotions.