The experimental rock band Don’t Believe In Ghost released their new single “The Chase”. This is the band’s second new single this year following “Don’t Wake Me Up”, which has an accompanying video that features comedic actor Gilbert Gottfried.

About “The Chase”, lead vocalist Steven Nathan stated:
“The kick drum is mostly a hand banging on the back of an acoustic guitar. The snare is a combination of many things found around the studio including the crushing of a poland spring bottle, the swooshes were made from recording water in the sink and the lead synth line is actually me singing and then turned into a synth. Everything about this one is real.”

Don’t Believe In Ghosts was formed in 2016 by lead vocalist Steven Nathan in New York City, New York. The band consists of Steven Nathan (vocals), Dan DelVecchio (guitar), Alex Goumas (bass), and Ken Yang (drums). Constantly building momentum, the band’s unique blend of eclectic and experimental rock music contains a modern alternative and indie pop twist. Along with the release of their first EP ‘Change Your Mind’ and their debut album ‘Give It Meaning’, the band has released multiple self-produced music videos.

The band will continue to release new singles and videos every other month in the lead up to the release of their next full-length album at the end of this year. In the meantime, “The Chase” can be found on various platforms.