Swiss pop-punk band Sink Or Swim released their new single “Sunrays” as well as a music video for the song. The acoustic track is a departure from their usual heavy pop-punk sound, which fits nicely with the song’s theme of taking a step back and resetting yourself when you feel overwhelmed.

About the video, vocalist Marc Signer stated:
“The goal of the video was to really visualize the vibe and feeling of the song. We decided to just take a weekend and drive off to a distant place. We rented a loft there to shoot the main shots, but the essence of the video was the time we spent exploring that place and having a good time. We wanted the video be as authentic as possible and so just took a camera with us as we were travelling through.”

The band blends breakdowns with pop-punk while also drawing influences from pop music and wrapping it up in an uplifting vibe. “Sunrays” is a follow-up to their single “Twisted Tongue”, which was released last year.

Upcoming Show:
9/01 – Werk21, Zürich, Switzerland – Dynamo Zürich (with Trash Boat, Capstan, and Doll Skin)

Photo Credit: Igor Miljkovic