The psychedelic glam rock band Starbenders recently announced their signing with the world-renowned independent rock label Sumerian Records. While champagne bottles were being popped, they celebrated with the release of their first single “London” as well as a woodsy science fiction fantasy music video for the song.

About signing with Sumerian Records, the band stated:
“Signing to the label is a match made in heaven for Starbenders. Ash Avildsen is “the” rock n’ roll crusader who flies his Sumerian flag highest in this epic music battlefield. We are beyond excited to be invited into the Sumerian family and are ready to conquer the world with them, one city at a time. We just destroyed Japan. America… we are coming for you.”

About “London”, lead vocalist/guitarist Kimi Shelter stated:
“London’s a place that exists within us more than it is a capital of the world. It’s the neverending chase for that first-time high; the relentless hunger for ecstasy ever present, begging your lips to take the pain. We abandon all fear of death for one shot at bliss.”

Starbenders is the half way home for the misunderstood misfits, fringers, and glam punks. In 2014, Kimi Shelter (lead vocals/guitar) began working with producer Nico Consantine (Lady Gaga, Program The Dead) who encouraged her to start a band. She called Aaron Lecesne (bass) and that was when the genesis took form. In early 2015, Kriss Tokaji (backing vocals/guitar) entered after the duo saw him laying waste to a guitar at a house party in the middle of nowhere. The line-up crystallized with the entrance of Emily Moon (drums). They have concocted an alchemic blend of rock power with catchy pop melodies from Atlanta, Georgia.