Dark pop singer-songwriter Valencia James released her debut single “Flames” last month. Blending playful instrumentation and powerful lyrics, the song is a courageous anthem. It was written after the traumatic experience of her family home being burned down in the infamous Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

About “Flames”, she stated:
“The song also represents how easily a relationship can be destroyed through words and actions. Anyone that has ever had relationship difficulties or been hurt because of words or actions can probably relate to this song.”

Valencia James was born in New York but now resides in Sydney, Australia. She prides herself in crafting powerfully emotive music, which thematically and sonically cuts deep to the soul. Her music is inspired by life events and aims to talk about darkness and shade while casting a brightness and positivity to it. Confronting life’s issues with edgy melodies and polished productions, her lyrics hold little back and prove that she is not afraid of the dark.

Garnering attention and acclaim, the debut single “Flames” is currently available worldwide.

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