Providing catchy punk songs, Decent Criminal released their new album ‘Bliss’. The record is out now via Wiretap Records in the US and Bearded Punk Records in the EU.

Based in Northern California, brothers Hunter and Tristan Martinez took what was already an active touring band and rebuilt it from the ground up in 2014. They gave the band a new sound and new members. They offer upbeat songs that mercilessly collide with abrasive and often melancholy undertones to bring forth a style that is both playfully compatible and inadvertently raw while being reminiscent of 90’s alternative, punk, surf, and power-pop.

The band released a self-titled debut LP in 2016 and their sophomore LP ‘Bloom’ in 2017. They recently wrapped up a tour in Europe which included appearances at Booze Cruise Festival (Bristol and Hamburg), Bearded Punk Fest, and This Is My Fest. Decent Criminal has plans to hit the road hard and continue making records for years to come.

Photo Credit: Eden Kittiver

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