The hard rock/metal band FLAW released their new album ‘Vol. IV: Because of the Brave’ on July 19th via Pavement Entertainment. Amid rocking hooks and a sound apt for headbanging, the band offers songs with personal and heartfelt lyrics.

FLAW has been creating music for over twenty years and is based out of Louisville, Kentucky. The band consists of Chris Volz (vocals), Tommy Gibbons (guitar), Rob Buttorff (guitar), and Georges Octobous (drums). Their story began with the independent release of their albums ‘American Arrogance’ (1996), ‘Flaw’ (1998), and ‘Drama’ (2000). Songs from these albums garnered the attention of Universal Republic Records, who signed the band and released their break-through album ‘Through the Eyes’ in 2001. They followed up with the album ‘Endangered Species’ via the same label in 2004. Soon after that release, the band went through personnel changed and ended their relationship with the label. Their tumultuous relationship with themselves and their label were reflected in their songs, but their fans connected to the songs and that propelled the band forward.

In 2015, the band signed with Pavement Entertainment. With a new label and fresh outlook, they were ready to make music again. They released their next full-length album ‘Divided We Fall’ in 2016 and their EP ‘United We Stand’ in 2017. After actively touring the US and making an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, FLAW is excited to have unleashed ‘Vol. IV: Because of the Brave’.

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