Strange Forces is the new album from Covington, Ohio based rock band Seth Canan & The Carriers and was released in June 2019.  This trio’s second album did not suffer from the dreaded ‘sophomore slump’.  Seth Canan (lead vocals/guitar), Isaac Schaefer (bass) and Zachary Pack (drums) seamlessly transition from track to track with a bouncy, steady bottom end, bright and catchy guitar hooks that’ll have you humming throughout the day and lyrics that are far wiser than their ages suggest.

Standout tracks include the eponymous “Strange Forces”, “What’s Happening to Me?” and “Small Town Blues”.  “Strange Forces” opens the album and immediately, you get the urge to roll the windows down and listen to this as loud as you can.  It’s hard to believe this level of music and talent is coming from three people but it is.  This track was indicative of Oasis meets Better Than Ezra.  A mish mash that works perfectly as a kick-off to this album.

“What’s Happening to Me?” is the first single to be released off the album and it is a great choice.  In the chorus, Seth decries often “I wanna know, what’s happening to me?”  The track has an aura of 70’s rock and despite its happy melodies, is steeped in sadness and desperation.  The emotion in Seth’s voice is top notch on this track.  Anyone who has felt the way Seth is feeling should give this song a listen ASAP.

“Small Town Blues” is a hauntingly, accurate story of “getting lost inside this endless little town”.  “Small Town Blues” is perfectly placed on the album, smack dab at the halfway point. This allows you to take a hard left down the road to that small town with Seth, Isaac and Zachary.  It’s introspective, it’s honest and it’s a commonality that most of us share.  Not to mention, the song is a beautiful composition from beginning to end.  Patrick Himes, from Reel Love Studios in Dayton, where the album was recorded, plays the pedal steel portion of this song and nails it, adding to the overall flavor of this wonderful song.

This album features eight strong songs that could all be solid contenders for the ‘first’ single out of the gate for Seth Canan & The Carriers.   This album is a must listen from start to finish.  This band has talent beyond their years and we, as listeners, can rest easy knowing there will be more to come from Seth, Isaac and Zachary.  Yes, guys, we can feel the “Strange Forces” and we like it, very much.

You can listen to Strange Forces now on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.  You can also purchase a copy at Omega Music in Dayton or Trojan City Music in Troy.

Upcoming Events:

30 August at Trojan City Music in Troy, Ohio

31 August at Tippapalooza 2019 (with This Pine Box, Age Nowhere, A Voice of Your Own and Sadbox) at Tipp City Eagles Park in Tipp City, Ohio

14 September at Troy, Ohio PorchFest at Troy-Hayner Cultural Center in Troy, Ohio

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