The alternative rock band Vera Kay released their single “Pink Roses” ahead of their EP of the same name, which was released on May 20th. The song features vocals packed with emotion, catchy lyrics, punchy guitars, and a driving drum beat.

About the single, vocalist Katherine Rufli stated:
“For the Pink Roses single I really wanted to write a driving song with a punk edge. Lyrically it’s very specific for me but I wrote it so that listeners could relate it to different situations in their lives. It’s my favorite song off the EP which [came] out May 20th!”

Vera Kay is based out of Boston, Massachusetts. The single “Pink Roses” is the title track off of their debut EP, which was produced by Aaron Sprinkle (New Found Glory, One Republic, Acceptance). They have played shows all over Massachusetts and New York. Since the release of their EP ‘Pink Roses’ in May, they are currently in the process of putting an East Coast tour together.

Their single “Pink Roses” certainly fits into their alternative sound but it has a touch of punk. The driving drum beat is enough to get anyone’s toes tapping. It is personal given lyrics like “roses, you left them by my bedside table” while also being relatable. My favorite part of the song is when the lyrics “all we want is good behavior” are repeated as gang vocals, which will allow for the crowd to join in and sing along. The catchy lyrics and upbeat vibe create for a fun song, despite its serious and emotional content. “Pink Roses” is a song that will not only get fans singing along but also gives them a song to which many of them will relate.