Bad Blood has partnered with the new music app Vezt, which allows users to buy in on songwriting and publishing rights. This means that their fans will be able to earn royalties and get paid every time they listen and promote the music on social media. The Vezt app can be downloaded in the app store and users are able to purchase song rights directly through the app for immediate ownership.

About the partnership, Chris Clemence stated:
“It’s a win for everyone involved. We’re not selling songs, we’re selling ownership. Once you buy in, you’ll be able to earn royalties just for listening to our record. And the more you promote the band and the record which you own a part of, the more earning potential you have. It’s like buying stock in your favorite artist. This is the new revolution. It’s a chance to own part of your favorite music.”

Bad Blood consists of Chris Iorio, Chad Cherry, Kenny Borill, and Chris Clemence. They have already been successful in landing several major syncs with their music in commercials and video games with major brands such as Bentley, William Henry Jewelry, and Mutant Football League on Playstation 4 and Xbox. Bad Blood just released their self-titled debut album in July.

Photo Credit: Thierry Brouard

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