Austin-based punk frontman Dylan Disaster released his new single “Milestone” as well as its music video that was directed by John Gordan Hale at Rival Studios. The heartfelt track is off of his album ‘Remission’, which was released via Stars At Night, Travel Well Records, Ring Of Fire Records.

About the single, Dylan Disaster stated:
“It’s about losing control, spinning into a state of panic, or even having a full on anxiety attack. When you’re dealing with depression and trying to pull yourself back up from the ground, you can slip real easily and when you do, it can get real dark real quick internally and you kind of panic because you don’t really know if you’re going to be OK again.”

After years of playing in punk rock bands around the country, Dylan Disaster found mental clarity when he began working solo. He brings his own brand to the singer/songwriter genre with intelligent, stripped-down songs that still drive the energy and presence of a punk band. Like other punk troubadours such as Brian Fallon and Dave Hause, he is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve while chronicling some worrisome topics.

His new album ‘Remission’ details the journey to and from, past and present, giving up and fighting back. It features punk rock bangers (“Sun Came Rising), a ukulele song about desolation (“Restless Heart”), and tracks of woe (“Precautionary Tales of Self Destruction” and “Can’t Keep Up”). There are hints of nostalgia (“South Long Island”) and hope for recovery (“Remission”). Through bouts of depression, mania, personal struggle, and remission, Dylan Disaster’s sophomore album is more focused and intentional than anything he has done in the past and truly represents the man behind the music.

Photo Credit: Jim McKay