Fallow Land released their debut LP ‘Slow Down, Rockstar’ via Spartan Records. Through a self-reflective filter, the album is driven by rhythmically-nuanced textures with intricate instrumentation and layers that create a lush soundscape.

About the album, vocalist/guitarist Whit Fineberg stated:
“The record is often based around washy arpeggios drenched in reverb and chorus. The addition of Scott Kendall (bass/synth) and Evan Laybourn (drums/synth) has had a huge impact on the band sonically. Scott’s bass playing is a lot more sparse, subtle, and lyrical than what you’ve heard from Fallow Land in the past. Evan Laybourn’s drumming is nuanced and textural.  Together they provide the rhythmic and harmonic foundation of Fallow Land.”

The band was born in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the time of their emergence was a period of unease and anxiety following multiple losses. It was during this time of trepidation that Whit Fineberg (vocals/guitar/synth) crossed paths with Evan Veasy (guitar/synth) and began a project fueled by catharsis and creativity. The result was the band’s debut EP ‘Pinscher’.

With time has come critical praise, healing, and evolution, all of which fueled the creation of the band’s debut LP ‘Slow Down, Rockstar’. For them, the album marks a sonic progression and a dramatic shift thematically. While in many ways the narrative arc of the record picks up where ‘Pinscher’ left off, it is much more self-reflective and portrays the steps that have been taken toward healthy and mature lives.

To bring the LP to life, the band partnered with acclaimed engineer Matt Bayles (Isis, Minus the Bear, Pearl Jam) to produce and mix the record. Recorded in Stone Gossard’s recording studio, the band emerged from the studio with a record that reflected the exploration into bolder and more experimental territory that they committed to while tracking. While resonating on a headier level sonically, the album features lyrics and vocals poised with clarity, deliberate guitars and rhythm elements, and tasteful ethereal layers.

The evolution of the band is one that allows for simultaneous cultivation and growth. It is a sense of confidence and aspiration that propels the band forward. They have played with the likes of The Sea and Cake, Emma Ruth Rundle, and Delta Sleep. Fallow Land’s debut LP ‘Slow Down, Rockstar’ is a dialogue between the band and the listener from the track titles and lyrics to the music and soundscape.

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