The melodic post-hardcore band Ghost Heart released their sophomore EP ‘Elegant Decay Pt. 1’ and the music video for their single “Idle”. The track features Gatherers vocalist Rich Johannes Weinberger, who can be heard on the second verse and outro. There’s a sense of sadness and grief that can be felt within the somber yet explosive track. This feeling is exposed further in the video that depicts the emotional grey area (or limbo) when searching for something (or someone) that you’ve lost.

About the single, vocalist Nick Tatosky stated:
“It’s about the experience of losing my father very suddenly. And the feelings of sadness I have, but simultaneously, the desire to give the life experiences to my family that he gave to me.”

The EP ‘Elegant Decay Pt. 1’ was produced by Dawson Scholz (The Ongoing Concept) and is a follow-up to the band’s 2017 EP ‘Catharsis’. Elegant decay refers to the idea that some places and structures become gradually more notable or beautiful as they fall into ruin. Ghost Heart applies this idea to people, as the record deals with topics of loss, anxiety, depression, and overcoming objectives. As we endure all that life throws at us, both positive and negative, it is through those hardships and struggles that we become more beautiful on the inside and out.

Photo Credit: Alicia Hauff