The metalcore/post-hardcore band Glass Hands released their new single “Bouquet”. Written by vocalist Adam Anderson about his own personal struggle with uncovering his orientation and coming out as bisexual, the track encourages LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance.

About the single, vocalist Adam Anderson stated:
“As a kid, I was heavily exposed to different sides of the same-sex marriage debate. I valued a lot of people’s opinions about me and their stance on gay marriage. Being an introverted young boy who was attracted to men and women, these opinions triggered a lot of cognitive dissonance and internalized oppression for me. I hope this song can help anyone who feels isolated in any group or context! You are visible, and others can’t define you; only you can!”

Glass Hands is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana but have been touring regularly in and out of the Midwest since their formation. They have played shows in almost every state in the Midwest and Northeast as well as a show in Texas during SXSW in 2017. You can expect diversity and influence from multiple genres in their music, which has kept their loyal listeners interested throughout the past three years. They believe that metalcore should not be as limiting as some artists let it be. You can find traces of rock, pop, punk rock, and death metal throughout their discography.

Photo Credit: Drew Jarvis

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