The pop-punk/melodic hardcore band Light The Way released their new EP ‘Dad Gang’. It is available now on all digital platforms and the physical CD Digipak can be purchased in the Indie Vision Music webstore. If you are looking for a positive outlook, look no further than this EP.

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About the band and the EP, Brandon of Indie Vision Music stated:
“This is a special project that had me captivated by the first notes I heard played. This isn’t your typical stare at the ground, introspective, brooding set of songs that’ll leave you depressed and scratching your head. These are straight ahead melodic punk rock songs full of depth and delight. I’ve been searching for a band like Light The Way for years and the fact that they are working with IVM is pure excitement. Don’t take my word for it, listen by yourself or with friends and discover something new and underground.”

Light The Way consists of Andrew (vocals/guitar), Evan (bass), and Christian (drums) and is based in Sacramento, California. They describe their sound as what happens when you grow up on a diet of blink-182, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Green Day, MXPX, Yellowcard, Dogwood, NOFX, The Offspring, Comeback Kid, and AFI. The EP ‘Dad Gang’ follows their debut full-length ‘False Memory Syndrome’ and two EPs (‘Grace’ and ‘Dude, Lame’).

The new EP finds the band further exploring questions of faith with a heavy emphasis on hope, which might be why they chose “Hope” to be single. The five songs carry the band in a new and exciting direction while maintaining their unique sound.

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