Long Island-based indie pop/rock band MAYVE have announced the upcoming release of their new single, “Slide,” available on all digital music platforms as of July 26th. Part of a three single series, “Slide” is a follow up to their early 2019 single “Head High,” which received recognition from numerous media outlets, including Alternative Press. After receiving sync placements on various MTV shows, such as The Real World, MAYVE found themselves transitioning and evolving into a groovy, sugary, mainstream indie-esque pop sound. Although “Slide” leans heavier on the electronic spectrum, the band upholds their indie and alternative roots throughout the track’s production.

About “Slide”, MAYVE states:

Koinophobia–the fear of living an ordinary life. “Slide” follows the tempo of a mind left to wander. One that slips into a downward spiral and denies the tangibility of our most ineffable moments.

Audible growing pains. MAYVE is an alternative pop band from New York. They’re influenced by the music of the late ’70s and early ‘80s and apply the lens of modern culture. MAYVE released 2 EPs thus far as well as a follow up single titled “Neon” and part one of a 3 single series, “Head High”. MAYVE wants their voice, sound, and influence to live on the dividing line of light and dark, speaking real emotions and confusing times on top of an otherwise uplifting soundtrack. There’s a long road ahead with plenty more to say. “Slide” is now available on all digital music platforms.

Nick, from MAYVE, was kind enough to talk with Frame the Stage and discuss influences, what inspired “Slide”, where they got their name, and other topics.

  1. You all are influenced by the 1970’s and 1980’s music, who are some of your biggest influences?

Talking Heads, Nile Rodgers, Depeche Mode

  1. What drew you guys together? What made you decide to give this a go as a band?

The band has been through numerous variations but it always came down to me (Nick), Mike, and Joe. The three of us found a way to focus and power through whatever lies ahead. Over the years, I stuck with ones who wanted to create just as much as I did. The band is a balance just like anything else and I feel there is mutual passion and drive between the guys and me to create.

  1. You guys have recorded songs, made videos, and played many places, what is your favorite part of the process? Least favorite?

The best part is to see a song come to life and start to take shape. I have a home studio that I enjoy spending most of my free time in. It’s my go-to place to get away and to not think for a little, I can just focus on writing. I really don’t have a least favorite part.

  1. Your single, “Slide” is set to be released on 26 July, you all have mentioned before that “Slide” is about a mind left to wander and koinophobia, the fear of living a normal life. What inspired you all to write a song from this perspective? Was there a singular event or anything like that?

What sparked the whole idea for “Slide” is the bass slide we hear at the beginning of the track. To me, it was a sound that represented a struggle in balance. Lyrically, the song follows a theme of trying not to slip into dark patterns and depression. Around the time we recorded this song, I remember having similar emotions. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to complete the demo before entering the studio and going to work. I find myself going back and listening to “Slide” the most out of the three we recorded. The whole process still feels like a blur to me. There’s something mysterious to it and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it is.

  1. Slide is the second of three singles the first being “Head High” which was released earlier in the year, is there a conceptual idea that links all three songs together eventually? What was the idea behind these three specific songs, in this order?

The three songs center around three different stages of defining relationships we have both with ourselves and those we’d like to be intimate with. “Head High” is the troubled middle, two people with unresolved issues from their past, trying to work through the problems. “Slide” is the aftermath and questioning if you’ll ever be good enough to find another again. “Crazy Smooth”, which will be our next single, is the push/pull dance of emotions that happens at the start of something new.

  1. I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times but, where does the name “Mayve” come from?

A family member with the name, “Maeve”, I always liked the way it sounded.

  1. Other than your amazing musical talents, are there any interesting talents that each of you have?

I’m really into photography, Mike is a talented graphic designer, and Joe is very knowledgeable with cars.

  1. If you could go back in time and be in any band, what band would you want to be in?

I’m nowhere near having the chops to keep up but, Steely Dan

  1. Other than music, what else are you all passionate about?

I don’t know, it’s really only ever been music for me. There are things I like but writing music is what I love. I mentioned before that I enjoy photography, also I’m into art but they feel more like things that just inspire me to create something of my own.

  1. As a musician myself, we love all the music we make but, if you had one song of yours that you had to tell people to listen to because it’s your personal favorite, what would that song be?


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