Alternative rock band Back 2 Zero released their new single “People Like Us” along with its accompanying music video. The song, which will be on the band’s upcoming debut album, is an unapologetic rock anthem for the taken advantage of, the beaten down, and the screwed over.

About the single, vocalist Niko Emanuilidis stated:
“About a year ago I was home playing around on guitar like I usually do, plucking away trying to come up with some new song ideas, but I had to catch a train in a half hour for work. I stumbled across a cool chord progression I liked and the melody / lyrics for the chorus line ‘People like us, should never f%@$ around with people like you.’ I knew I had something good, but I had to run to catch the train. So I recorded the chord progression on my phone and as I sat on the train I came up with all the rest of the lyrics, melody, and basically wrote the entire song on that train ride.”

Back 2 Zero is comprised of four high school and college friends who don’t fit the typical mold of a rock band. They never strive to fit into a particular scene, only to create authentic, heartfelt music about self-reflection, relationships, and life itself. July of 2017 marked the release of the band’s debut EP ‘Here, Alone’, which was an almost eight month project that spawned the singles “Throw You Out” and “Drive”.

The alternative rockers from Westchester, New York know there are just some people you have to cut out of your life for one reason or another. You not only have to burn that bridge but completely obliterate it. Replete with funky guitar licks, falsetto vocals, and an explosive hook with some pretty confrontational lyrics, “People Like Us” arrives as a cathartic shout-along.

Photo Credit: Sami Sal Saleh