Pop-punk band Four Stars released their new single “Alacrity” and its accompanying music video. The emo-tinged track is the first from their upcoming EP ‘Headspace’, which is set for release on February 29th.

About the song, guitarist/vocalist Aida Ahmed stated:
“When this song was being written, the news was playing in the background and it was hurricane season at the time. The entire southeast coast of the country was being battered by hurricanes and I thought it would’ve weakened the people, but I was wrong. The people of those communities came together to weather the storms, and rebuild after the destruction. The lyrics were inspired by the champion spirit of those people, that we now try to carry with us in our band.”

It’s not often that a pop-punk band actually has an affinity for their hometown, but that’s the case for this Chicago-based trio. Originally under the moniker Tougher Than You Thought, the band wanted a new name that would remind them of home, so they looked to their city’s flag, which prominently features four red stars.

Recording their sophomore EP ‘Headspace’ was a dream come true for the band because they were able to work with Nick Diener of The Swellers.

The new song “Alacrity” from Four Stars is about coming face-to-face with your problems and overcoming them. Too often we tend to ignore or neglect issues that we know need dealt with, and the track is a shoutout to those who show a readiness to survive.

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Johnston