Raleigh-based rock band The Bronze Age released their new single “Don’t Worry, It Only Hurts For A Second”. With tight riffs and group vocals, the track brings both an upbeat tempo and meaningful lines to create something impressive.

About the song, vocalist/guitarist Jesse Puchalski stated:
“Everything with us involves overthinking, but honestly I can refer to the song as a huge example. I’m 31 and still chipping away at making music my career; a couple of years ago when I first started thinking about starting up The Bronze Age, there were so many questions revolving around in my head. Am I too old? Will it work this time? I’ve got to start over and is it all worth it? The absolute answer was yes, it has been. This song expresses that for me because I let go of fear, and trusted my decision was the right one. I feel like I get so caught up trying to make moves that sometimes I miss the train. This time was different. This time I just jumped and started putting it all together.”

The Bronze Age formed in Raleigh, North Carolina in the early 2018 and released their first single “Draw the Line” later that year while writing their debut record. In early 2019, a music video was released for their single “Second Chances Don’t Come Easy”, which began to make waves throughout the Raleigh music scene.  Combining heavy guitar riffs with anthemic vocal melodies, the band brings an organic feel with their live performances. Pulling from Anberlin and Thrice inspirations, they are a refresh for fans of bands like The Dangerous Summer.

The new track “Don’t Worry, It Only Hurts For A Second” is their third single produced by Easy Huffman, Garrett Barefoot, and Jon Berrier and mastered by the legendary Kris Crummett.

The Bronze Age will be heading to The LumberYard in New Jersey to record a full-length with Nik Bruzzese of Man Overboard in November and releasing their debut full-length record in early 2020 before hitting the road to tour the United States.

Photo Credit: Kevin DeJong

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