Metalcore band Invent Animate released their new single “Cloud Cascade” along with its music video via Tragic Hero Records. The track is the band’s first release with their new vocalist, Marcus Vik.

In relation to the new song, the band stated:
“Behold the tension between all things. There is only love in risk. There is only rebirth through suffering. The pull of the moon takes its toll.”

In late 2016, the band had just finished a European Tour with ERRA & Northlane in support of their sophomore album ‘Stillworld’ when they announced the departure of their former vocalist Ben English on social media. His sudden exit from the group forced the band to take a step back from touring and search for a new singer. In 2017, they teased us all with an instrumental version of ‘Stillworld’ and encouraged their fans to record their own vocals on the songs as an open audition to be the next vocalist. In just a few days, their search was over and the band went completely silent.

Now, they have broken that silence. The new single “Cloud Cascade” is their first new song in over three years and its arrival came with a new music video, which was shot by Aaron Marsh. It is also the first time fans have heard and seen the band’s new vocalist, Marcus Vik (Aviana).

As fans leap into the new single, they will be greeted with light yet slightly unsettling atmospheric soundscapes that are reminiscent of the classic sound they know. Quickly the song becomes a torrential downpour where the listener is bombarded with heavy guitars chugging in intricate time signatures until they are blasted with the powerful opening line “your cloud hovers over me”. Marcus Vik showcases his wide range of vocal styles from beautiful clean singing to brutal low screams.

Within minutes of the release of “Cloud Cascade”, the video reached thousands of views and fans were blowing up social media platforms with overwhelming support for Invent Animate.